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It's not just a job, it's your life.

Life will change for you and your family when you work overseas. Our training helps you prepare for the big-picture journey.

Preparing to work abroad?

Send a Facebook message to our team to register for our Domestic Work NC2 training or learn about our other training offerings.

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We're a non-profit training center preparing workers to be successful in their life and work abroad.


Training Center Partner for the ILO-TESDA Pilot Program
June 2021

750+ trained in-person and online

(Nov 2016 - Feb 2022)

Trainees leave the Fair Training Center confident in themselves as professional workers.

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Cheering you on as you achieve your goals

You'll find support in each class and each one-on-one coaching session as you prepare to go overseas. We'll continue to keep in touch with you with our Facebook Groups & graduates-community. Learn about our training>>

Training made for you.

We've researched and asked people with real-life overseas work experience so we can prepare you with relevant & practical skills. 

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Our mission is to end the forced labour of migrant workers by reinventing domestic worker
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