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Domestic Work NCII Training

Our trainees graduate from our Gold Standard NCII Domestic Work Training feeling confident about working abroad.

This course is for first-time domestic workers and experienced

domestic workers needing NCII certification.


Domestic Work NCII:
Blended Training

Our priority is the learning and safety of our trainees. TESDA, the Philippine training authority, has given Fair Training Center to roll out a new format for Domestic Work NC2 Training.

👉The NEW Domestic Work NCII Blended Training includes:
1. Online learning
2. In-Person learning

This training is currently available FREE-OF-CHARGE.
❓Worried about internet costs for online learning? We are able to help! Ask us for more info.

Our Curriculum

Our training is based on the requirements and guidance set out by the training authority, TESDA.

“It’s not just your job, it’s your life!”

We place unique focus on the four areas:
Ability, Action, Appearance, and Attitude,
and cover:

  • Adjusting abroad: Culture and Lifestyle education, Dealing with homesickness, Managing family & relationships back home.

  • Financial education: Financial planning including planning for reintegration

  • Rights education: Understanding your contract, redress mechanism

  • Professionalism: Communication skills, Managing difficult situations

  • Technical skills: Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, Using Appliances, etc.

Preparing to work abroad?

Send a Facebook message to our team to register for our Domestic Work NC2 training or learn about our other training offerings.

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