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Create Success

Our training is result-focused, focusing on the key elements of successful migration. We help trainees set realistic expectations, gain relevant skills, and succeed as migrant workers. 

Demonstrated Results

Our approach has demonstrated the ability to reduce turnover rates by over 50%. We’ve been described as the “Gold Standard” for pre-migration training by the International Labour Organization.

Tailored Solutions

We conduct research to develop curriculums that are relevant to the jobs and destination we train for. 


Domestic work NC2 (TESDA)

Please go to our page on Domestic Work NC2


Level-Up Online Workshop for Domestic Workers

To be successful while working abroad, Overseas Workers need to be aware of important information and learn new skills. Some key skills successful workers have are:

  • Managing money wisely, budgeting and saving - together with family.

  • Handling homesickness & long-distance relationships with family and children - especially during times of COVID-19.

  • Acting professionally, being culturally aware, and developing good relationships with their employers.

In our 2-week online workshop, we help Overseas Domestic Workers to gain confidence in these areas and level-up in their professional development.

How it works: 

  • Participants can join our workshop anywhere with stable access to the internet. We will use Facebook and Facebook Messenger as our main channel for online learning. 

  • The workshop is 14 days and well-suited for those undergoing hotel quarantine!


  • Participants must already have a TESDA NC2 certificate. This is not a replacement for the TESDA NC2 certification and it is not a TESDA regulated course.

  • Participants must have their own access to stable internet connection via smartphone or laptop, and must have or open a Facebook account.

If you are interested in this training program, please get in touch!


Safe Migration

This is a new two-day program which is designed for all migrant workers pre-deployment.

The aim of this training is to ensure new OFWs are equipped with the skills and tools to migrate safely and benefit from their time working abroad.

During this training, participants will:

  • Set goals and plans for their migration

  • Understand safe migration principles

  • Gain insight into changes that migration will bring to their life: psychosocial education

When OFWs are prepared to adapt to life and work abroad, we increase the potential for their success as professionals. 

If you are interested in this training program, please get in touch!

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Certificate of TVET Program Registration no.: 20191310SOCDOW214011

TESDA Competency Assessment Center Domestic Work NC II Accreditation Number:

AC- DOW0213101820110.

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