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Thank you Happy!

It is with a mix of sadness and deep gratitude that we announce that Christopher "Happy" Tan has stepped down from our board of directors. We share his parting message below. As Board President who has seen Fair Training Center through from its very first days, Happy has provided strategic vision for the organisation. His direction has helped FTC develop and deliver innovative training, recognised by the International Labour Organisation Philippines as the "Gold Standard", to hundreds of first-time migrant workers. We are incredibly thankful for his support and dedication to improve the lives of overseas workers. Thank you Happy!

"A few weeks ago, I attended my final quarterly meeting as a board member of Fair Training Center (FTC). FTC is a nonprofit training center in Manila that prepares first-time Overseas Filipino Workers for major changes that migration will bring to their lives. At FTC, domestic workers are equipped with financial education, communications skills, psychosocial preparation so that when they make the leap to work abroad, they are ready to succeed. Migration is hard, and there are challenges for our kababayan overseas, but with education, we can improve the outlook of their time abroad for them and their families.

After 4+ years as part of the Fair Training Center family, I'm really proud of what we have been able to achieve: 565 workers trained and a training that is recognised by the International Labour Organisation Philippines as the "Gold Standard." Thank you to the FTC team and all my co-board members: Gigi, Maria, Jennifer, Tammy, Scott (a founding member), and also to our newest board members: Glenn and Aimee. May you remain fearless and steadfast in building a more just world."

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