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What is FTC? How do I apply?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Each year, millions of Filipino workers leave the country in the hopes of providing a better future for their loved ones.

But migration is difficult. That's why our training focuses on equipping workers for the changes that living abroad will bring. We help trainees set realistic expectations, gain relevant skills, and succeed as migrants. We started Fair Training Center to prepare workers for the changes that moving overseas brings. Our graduates are confident to start their lives abroad and are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.

Who we are

Fair Training Center is an accredited TESDA training and Assessment Center in Moonwalk, Parañaque that provides NC II Domestic Work training for first-time migrant workers. We offer a results-focused curriculum that is tailor-fit to the needs of our trainees. Currently, our curriculum offering is for Hong Kong; every aspect of the training is developed in consultation with employers & workers in the country.

The FTC Difference

Our curriculum covers technical requirements needed for TESDA certification, as well as essential skills necessary for adjusting to life abroad like:

- how to deal with difficult situations

- knowing your rights

- how to maintain good relationships with employers

- parenting from abroad

- financial literacy

- dealing with homesickness

- adapting to a new city

- and other life skills you’ll need to succeed abroad

At FTC, we foster an environment that provide trainees an opportunity to set realistic expectations for the journey ahead.

Training Package:

We are currently offering FULL scholarships and our trainees can train with us FREE OF COST. Our training package includes:

- Instruction from experienced and qualified trainers with experience of working overseas

- Full board & lodging

- Certificate of Completion

- Fair Training Center apron

- Free WiFi, access to plug outlets, access to laundry

How to Apply

To join the upcoming sessions, simply send us a message on our Facebook page! Just send us your contact details and we will get in touch with you to process your application.

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