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Certificate of TVET Program Registration no.: 20191310SOCDOW214011

TESDA Competency Assessment Center Domestic Work NC II Accreditation Number:

AC- DOW0213101820110.

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Why FTC?

Fair Training Center was set-up in 2016 because of the very poor quality of training across the Philippines. Workers are paying huge sums of money (ranging from US$150 – 2000) for training that does not prepare them as professional workers. This leads to 35-40% of workers being prematurely terminated from their jobs.

Migration is a big step for many workers. Training is the critical point where workers can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a successful transition to their job and life abroad.

Our "Gold Standard" training prepares workers for success. 83% of our graduates feel confident they will work for their current employer and complete their employment contract.

Begin with a good start by investing in training that will set your worker and you up for success.

Tailored Solutions

To develop our curriculums, we hold focus group discussions with employers workers in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Our training curriculum is up-to-date with both the criteria for TESDA certification and the needs of employers.

Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum is centered around the belief that: “It’s not just your job, it’s your life!”.


Our training is structured into the four core areas: Ability, Action, Appearance, and Attitude and cover:

Basic Competencies

  • Financial education: money management, budgeting, saving, understanding financial risks

  • Setting personal and family migration goals

  • Rights education

  • Accident prevention & management

  • First aid

  • Departing the Philippines and transitioning abroad


Common Competencies

  • Adapting to migration: homesickness, loneliness, health, getting around, etc.

  • Communicating effectively with employers 

  • Handling difficult situations

  • Communicating effectively with family at home


Core Competencies

  • Housekeeping - daily and deep cleaning

  • Cooking - Chinese and Western recipes

  • Using household appliances

Our curriculum partners
Advised by TESDA officials and partnering with expert partners, Fair Training Center provides training that equips workers for successful migration. 
Clearmind Today
Hong Kong-based psychological and therapeutic service provider.
Parenting Dialogue
Consultancy and training on early childhood and parenting in Hong Kong.
Consultation and trainings in Hong Kong for employers on domestic work management.
Hong Kong-based charity providing financial education to migrant domestic workers.
Specialised skills-training workshops for domestic workers in Hong Kong.
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Gold Standard Certification

Fair Training Center's certification is considered to be the gold standard within the industry. This is because we do things differently - Our curriculum stresses a holistic approach, looking to build up the professional standard. Not only do trainees receive their TESDA examination, they also receive FTC evaluation and feedback.

Feel assured with Fair Training Center! Trainees will find clarity and support at Fair Training Center. There are many skills and aspects of moving and working overseas to learn. Register your worker now!

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